Law of Inheritance

Allocation of estates amongst inheritors after death of the proprietor in an equal and fair manner is mostly put off even though it is an important matter in human life.

When compared with other civilised countries, the cases of conflicts and disagreements due to rights of succession by and between natural heirs are of a high percentage in our country. Compulsory sale by action (purparty), adequate price (mesne profits), failure to comprehend hereditary portions specified in civil code, not leaving a will, nor making plans for allocation of estates after the death of the proprietor, inheritance and estates taxes, fees, notification difficulty, deceased inheritors, official and unofficial wedlock and birth issues, actions for nullity of disposals, density of interrupted performance decretive effects of regulatory tasks and duties upon real estate (illegal assets erected in the absence of a building license, or on forest lands) are the factors that cause inheritance to become a legal issue in our country..

Attorneys of our law firm provide attorneyship and consultancy services on the followings in addition to other similar inheritance disputes and conflicts :

  • Assets planning,
  • Establishing foundation,
  • Launching local or foreign funds,
  • Executing legacy and inheritance contracts,
  • Performing heredity and succession transactions,
  • Renunciation of inheritance,
  • Cancellation of disposals,
  • Determining estates,
  • Purparty,
  • Adequate price