Consumer Law

Sual Law Office provides business enterprises that produce and commercialise goods and services, and consumers with a set of services under the relevant legislation on the protection of consumers and improving goods and service standards, which has recently become a weighty matter.. 

Some of the services provided by our law firm on the matters associated with the Consumer Law are as follows; 

  • Compliance with the standards stipulated for business enterprises, and legislation on the protection of consumers,
  • Customer relations,
  • Standard contracts,
  • Subscription systems and guarantee commitments,
  • Maintenance and support networks,
  • Dealership and distributorship affairs,
  • Evaluating consumers' demands,
  • Settlement of disputes 

In addition to the foregoing, we provide consumers with consultancy and legal services, enabling them to get in touch with the business enterprises in question, and seek their rights for repair, replacement, return and indemnity etc., before consumer courts and arbitration tribunals.