Business and Social Security Law

Significant modifications were made on the Labour Law Number 4857 and on Turkish Labour and Social Security Law that regulate the labour relations and working conditions as accepted in 2003 in our country. In this way, modifications in compliance with ILO (International Labour Office) and EU norms were made, and labour relations were redefined as per today's modern perspective in parallel to social advancements. With the new law, the labour relations were no longer maintained from a conventional perspective, and every single transaction relating to or otherwise associated with an employee gave rise to legal obligation binding for the employer. Obligations that should be followed and implemented especially in business places that employ over 50 employees increased in number 

Taking support from precious consultants that at some point worked for government bodies for a long time, Sual Law Office provides clients with legal services on the Labour and Social Security Law, some of which are indicated below: 

    • General legal consultancy on labour and social security law with which employers must comply
    • Preparing labour contacts and agreements
    • Following proceedings initiated in favour of and/or against clients relating to labour law
    • Consultancy on externalising employment, legal aspect of employer-subcontractor relations, and all necessary procedures
    • Settlement of disputes arising out of or connected to labour law by way of agreement on behalf of the employer or litigation
    • Preparing legal infrastructure of occupational safety and health precautions that must be taken by the employer
    • Termination of labour contracts, leaves, salary, severance and re-employment lawsuits
    • Issues that should be considered for recruitment