Administrative Law and Tax Code

It is essential that all actions and procedures exercised by a given administration are subject to legal inspection and this inspection is a fundamental term of being a State of Law. By nature of a State of Law, an administration is bound and obliged to remain strictly loyal to laws, and to act in compliance with the general principles of law. Despite this, we witness unlawful administrative actions and procedures that result in unjust treatment of citizens now and then.

When it is considered that administration's power of sanction is likely to result in severe consequences and irreparable damages, it becomes particularly important and crucial that individuals are entitled to right of protection before the administration under principles of law. As Sual Law Office, our attorneys that have expertise in Administrative Law are at all times at our clients' services in order to prevent individuals from being exposed to unjust treatment due to unlawfully exercise administrative actions or practices, and if this has already happened, then to remedy it. In this context, our law office provides the following services;

  • Actions for nullity for unlawfully exercised administrative actions
  • Administrative fines, reclamation periods & actions for nullity
  • Administration's liability and action for damages (full remedy)
  • Conflicts of bidding law, and bidding cases
  • Conflicts of zoning law, remedies and zoning laws,
  • Lawsuits arising out of or connected to administrative contracts

It has been observed that the government and tax-payers have often been at odds due to tax conflicts connected to a set of reasons including without limitation that taxes are for everybody, tax collection has a comprehensive field of application and tax legislation is frequently interrupted and amended.  In some cases, tax-payers fail to be attentive to tax liabilities, which cause the government to incur damages and loss, and in some cases the government implement unlawful and incorrect administrative actions against tax-payers. Our law office has experienced personnel that have expertise in Tax Code, and provides consultancy services to clients regarding any possible conflicts by and between the government and clients. In a sense, we function as a guide for settlement of tax-oriented conflicts on administrative and legal levels.

Our law office provides the following services to this end:


  • Amicable settlement of tax-oriented conflicts on administrative level;
  • Settlement of tax-oriented conflicts on administrative level by way of reduced penalties;
  • Settlement of tax-oriented conflicts on administrative level by way of correction;
  • Settlement of tax-oriented conflicts at the judicial level by way of litigations;
  • Legal counselling on tax audit reports and tax/penalty notices;
  • Legal counselling on administrative actions and fines exercised and imposed by tax offices;
  • Legal counselling and attorneyship services to natural person and legal entity clients on conflicts arising out of Customs Law and remedies thereof

Considering the structure and procedures of Tax Code and legislation, our tax law department, which is composed of expert attorneys, endeavours to bring technical, comprehensive, correct and accurate services to clients at the soonest possible date, ensuring customer satisfaction.