Execution and Bankruptcy Law

It is an indisputable fact that finale of practices of law and almost all cases are related to the Execution and Bankruptcy Law. Our execution department, which is composed of interns and pursuance personnel that supported by our associates and counsels, has an investigative and dynamic structure, and successfully carry out individual and/or corporate execution proceedings and bankruptcy formalities.
Our execution department provides the following services:

  • Following up debts relating or not relating to legal instruments by way of execution and bankruptcy
  • Provenance search for the debtor's wealth, attachment execution, liquidation of seized items and goods, allotment of the money, raising objection to the order table
  • Having an ancillary attachment imposed by the court
  • Action for recovery or restitution of property, other enforcement civil cases
  • Selling seized or pledged movable or immovable properties
  • Bankruptcy postponement of bankruptcy cases 
  • Creating a bankruptcy draft for preliminary and acceptance stages of bankruptcy
  • Obtaining a decree of bankruptcy from commercial courts
  • Execution criminal actions