Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

1995 is the year when significant reforms were made for a better property law in our country. Significant arrangements were made in the intellectual and industrial property law in 1995 and onwards considering the provisions of the EU Law and of any other international conventions acceded. In this framework, in order to protect the industrial property rights; a set of statutory decrees was made effective for the protection of patent rights, industrial designs, geographical indications, trademarks, and inclusion of pharmaceuticals in patents.

Some of the services provided by Sual Law Office on Intellectual and Industrial Property Law are as follows;

  • Conducting a preliminary survey for duly registration of patent/ utility model, trademark and industrial designs, preparing application file, following up with the application process and providing legal support for potential problems to emerge
  • Executing license and non-disclosure agreements for intellectual and industrial property fields
  • In case of breach of a protected trademark, patent, industrial design etc., to initiate and conclude the lawsuit process before Intellectual and Industrial Law and Penal Courts, which are the specialised courts, for the purposes of recall and withdrawal from the market and penalising the offenders.