Energy Law

Liberalizations in energy market and advancing technologies offer brand new opportunities to investors every single day. The fact that there is not a properly and fully developed legal infrastructure in this particular market where free market requirements dominate and rule to a gradual extent means a major risk for the investors that intend to make a big investment. Providing consultancy services to local and international corporations that are currently operating in the industry, Sual Law Office minimises such risk with its qualified and experienced personnel.

Some of the serviced provided by our office in the field of energy market are as follows:


  • Following up with legal regulations and procedures for extracting and generating energy, establishing power plants and energy purchase/sale
  • Following up with license applications to Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), and other procedures
  • Purchase/sale, capacity transfer agreements for electricity trading
  • Settlement of disputes arising out of unfair competition in the energy market;
  • Dealership agreements and conflicts in the oil market;
  • Purchase/sale contracts for energy equipments;
  • Financing energy problems;
  • Contracts and agreements for renewable energy generation and trading;
  • Contracts of concession;
  • Tax distribution agreements;
  • International conflicts in the energy market

Sual Law Office renders services not only for settlement of disputes but also consultancy services to national and international legal entities that want to be informed about developments and advancements in the energy market, and new investment opportunities, as well as the new terms and conditions of amended legislation.